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U Want My Info has been operated for the last decade with the sole purpose of client privacy and security.  We are a very small business, laser focused to our important clientele.  Our mission has never been about money, but about success.  Success to us is secure clients that remain private on the internet.  All of our services run decentralized.  They're not associated with one another, or any other larger business entities.  We don't over sell, we don't record anything, our business not located in the USA, and you'll never see any Google analytics or ads in any of our webpages.  Look at your AdBlocker, Tracking Blocker, and Virus Scanner...  0's across the board.  What does that mean?  What it means to us -- you're not for sale. 


All of our VPNs are run using the WireGuard protocol.  WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.  For us, WireGuard has superseded OpenVPN.

Streaming VPN -- For those in the TV streaming world, we offer the very best VPN experience.  Our streaming VPNs CANNOT torrent.  When buying the Streaming VPN service, U Want My Info does it differently.  You're not just buying an account; you're buying your own person allotment of the server.  What does that mean?  You will NEVER have a slow connection due to server overload.  You turn your VPN on and it will just work.  No fiddling to try and find the right server.

Non DMCA - Romania VPN -- This service follows Romania's DMCA copyright laws, which do not exist.  There are no logs of your connections, not even for debugging purposes.  The speeds from North America tend to be 20 Megabytes a second.  That's roughly 160 Mbps!  It varies because of latency -- the distance away from the server, but our servers are never oversold.  You will always have optimal speeds and privacy. 
We're currently waiting on a France deployment as well; no expected timeline.

Decentralized email server -- Our email server for is hosted in Russia.  We wanted to get as far away as possible from the prying eyes in North America.  We've given an allotted 2GB of storage to all our users.  However, if we find that isn't enough, we'll be upgrading your service for free.  Spammers will not tolerated

Nothing we do is automated.  Every account is manually entered into our system.  Please, bear with us while we setup your account.  If it's been a day and you haven't heard from us, we're more than likely dead in a ditch somewhere -- Send flowers to our families.

$1.35 USD
Streaming VPN - UK

Buy allocated uplink space in the UK.  Never oversold, so it's never slow!

$3.40 USD
Non DMCA - Romania

With speeds averaging 20MB/sec, this is your choice to be DMCA free.

$1.35 USD Server 1
Streaming VPN - USA

Buy allocated uplink space in New York, USA.  Never oversold, so it's never slow!
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